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Story about Medicine for the Queen

Medicine for the Queen
by. Justang Zealotous

Don't blurt! Everything needs the planning. The best planning is in you.

One day, there were some people in the castle. They never thought what they did. The most important, they did it. After the queen was sick, King of Castle asked to his soldiers to look for medicine.

Until a week, all soldiers had found yet. They didn't know what medicine was suitable for the queen. King of Castle was so angry.

"Shit! I have given you everything to do it. Why do you still not find yet? Nothing to brag about. If you don't get it until the twilight appears, I'll kill you," said King of Castle.

All soldiers nodded in the same breath.

Finally, all soldiers did again and looked for what should they got. They looked for everywhere. They went to outlying place. They slaved to do it. When they arrived in one place. They asked whoever about medicine.

"Don't you know about medicine?" asked a soldier.

"What medicine?" asked back one of inhabitant.

"I don't know, it is only about medicine. I need medicine for the queen," said soldier again.

The inhabitant of that place felt confused.

"If you need medicine, you have to know what medicine you want. By the way, what diseases does queen get?" asked one of inhabitant again.
"I don't know because I never asked about that."

The inhabitant of that place left them alone because they didn't know what medicine they wanted to give them. All soldier felt worried. Even less, the day will be night. Slowly, the day looked dark.

"Have you found the medicine?" asked King of Castle when his soldiers came back.

All soldier hold peace. They took a bow.

"Why are you silent?" asked King of Castle again, his face turned red.

"We are totally sorry, we couldn't find it because we don't know what medicine is suitable for the queen," said one of soldier was brave.

"Why don't you ask me?"

Finally, because all soldiers felt disappointed what King of Castle did. They killed each other. Till final, all of them were dead. Suddenly, the queen woke up and run to come there. She was shocked after she saw them. She said, "Why are you like this? I just get headache and need refreshing."

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