Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

My Name is My Lucky

Have you ever heard, there are a people say that “what is the meaning of a name?”
I think, without your name, how do your friends or the other people call you?
Should they call you with the code only, like “hey, woyy, hello, or another”?
Aren’t you confused? They call you or the other people.
So… Name is really important for me, for you and for all people. It can be a tool for people to know you first, exactly.

My name is my lucky

About name. Wait….!!! Many people feel shy, gloomy. Why? Because their name. What happen with their name? yapzt…. Sometime, many people have name (I'm really sorry) like not cool, tacky and it makes a lot of people change their name with a cool name. Hmmhmhmh, OH MY GOD! What are you doing my bro and sis? Why are you shy? I have name like that, I mean like not cool. Do you believe? My name is JUSTANG. Eyuuhhh, Not cool yeah. But, I feel proud of my name, I get my name from my parents. Actually, I don’t know why my parent gave a name for me like that, I've asked them about the meaning of my name but they don’t know too, hahahha   I don’t care with that. The most important, I have a name and I feel lucky with my name. why do I say “I feel lucky” ? yah, I can be the best with my name and never been a problem with my name. there are not people feel disturb with my name. So, what’s problem? And for what I change my name? and you know, so many people can be succes althought their name not cool but I think, all name is cool. Depend on people think it.

The last. You must thank God with your name because your name is your lucky. THANK YOU, yuuhhuuu…..

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