Jumat, 22 November 2013

Fabel "The Importance of Friend"

Oleh: Justang Zealotous

"Help!" shouted Roby, a lonely cat.

He fell into deep hole. But, no one listened to him because the place was so quiet.

Almost an hour Roby was in hole. He was crying when someone came finally. She was Mion, a cat who was ever together with Roby but she left him because he was so arrogant.

Mion saw him and she wanted to ignore but she still care. So, she took a rope and put down. Finally, Roby can be safe with her help. 

"Thank you so much and I'm sorry I have been arrogant and didn't care," said Roby regretfully.

"Never mind. I'm your friend and as friend we have to help each other."

They embraced.

The End

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