Rabu, 05 Februari 2014

RAIN CAME DOWN, a poem by Justang Zealotous

by Justang Zealotous

I sit reflective under the dense tree
Look at the red sky is wrapped by black clouds
Light rain looks already attack the earth
Ilustrasi: Rain Came DownLike quite in hug of wind

I see the sun light in low life
Really dark clouds cover the sun

The sky has been clouded over
Left by bright light all day long
Moreover my heart, in gloomy day
Since she went far away and left me alone
She gave me hurt, get heartache
I’m in heartbroken, give scratch

I bow with a heavy heart
Crumple hurt up what embed in my heart
With a bump, sky turns be wild and screaming out
Like a thunder cries blue murder
The rain came down in torrents

My heart is in wild heart
Screaming, shrieking, and shouting
I am not for you, You are not for me
We are only in the teardrop

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