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Flash Fiction : Misunderstood ( English Version)

flash fiction misunderstood
Sobat, hari ini aku mau share FLASH FICTION buatan aku yang berjudul "Misunderstood". Silahkan disimak dan sebelumnya. Mohon maaf kalau bahasa inggrisnya kacau abis. Baru belajar kasian :D

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When will I see you again? I know you are my memory. You are my past. But don't you ever think? Now, I'm still thinking about you. Your smile is still in my eyes even though you're not in front of me. I never forget you. Forget your laugh, your skin, your gaze. All of them is still in my memory.

I always remember when the last time I saw you. You went with disappointment. You runned me away. You bloked me up. You slapped me on. You broke me out. You cried but I was not brave to come to wipe your tears. You knew that I cried also but I didn't want to show my tear in front of you.

Well. I know, that time was my mistake. My big mistakes. That time when I never sent message to you. Sent my news, my attention and all that. I never called you but I was making the surprise to you. I would like to see you were happy. All of my preparations was done in one week. I bought, I worked, I cooked. I did it all because of you. My beautiful kind princess.

When the time came. When I would like to show you my work recently. For the first time I texted you come in park tonight.  Before that, I would like to give you one surprise. I asked someone to pretend be my new girlfriend. Unexpectedly, when you came to the park. You saw me sitting with that girl. I didn't know, that girl liked me really. She kissed me and you saw it.

Suddenly you came to us. You kick me out. You were really angry. I would like to explain but you never permitted me to show my explanation. You held your tears but finally you cried also.

"Who was this girl? Your girlfriend?" you said while your tears dripped.
I would like to say something but you closed my mouth. I was just giving way.  "Oh, I knew, you never called me, message me because you have had a new girlfriend," you continued and suddenly a big paper who I prepared all this time for you appeared. There was notice: "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

When you saw that notice, your tears dripped much. You were angry, be disappointed. "Well, you would marry her? Congratulations!" you said with sharp intonation and run fast while you were still crying.

I chased you. But you didn't want to turn around. You went by taxi. I regretted and I hoped you can hear my explanation. Please! Forgive me.

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